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Software for the homebuilding ecosystem.  Our mission is simple:  Keep everybody on the same page!

Introducing Datapage


About Us

Datapage, Inc. makes software for construction lenders and real estate developers. We were founded in 2013 as the software affiliate of Blueprint Capital, Seattle's most active real estate developer and construction lender. Blueprint has successfully sourced, developed and funded over 1,000 residential projects using Datapage software.

In 2019, we made our lending software commercially available through a partnership with SeedCode Inc. The partnership leverages the Datapage solution with SeedCode's software development and support infrastructure. This unique approach enables construction lenders to fully customize our core application to fit their specific needs. 

In 2020, Datapage began development of a project management solution for local real estate developers. It helps them source new projects from land sellers and share data among stakeholders. We are continuously releasing new functionality for hundreds of beta users in the Seattle homebuilding ecosystem. We appreciate the feedback and ideas!


--Mark Knoll, Founder




Datapage Connect

A proven solution for construction lenders

  • Fully customized to your business process

  • Eliminate Word docs, spreadsheets and one-trick apps

  • Create contacts, credit files, origination and funding docs

  • Process draws, statements and payoff quotes

  • Track permits, conditions, insurance certs, unit sales and reconveyances

  • Balance and reconcile with your general ledger

  • Manage funds, investors and LOC borrowing base

Datapage Inspector

A simple iPad app for project inspectors

  • Fully integrated with Datapage Connect

  • Organizes projects in either 'map view' or 'list view' by zip code

  • Supports multiple inspectors

  • Enables line-item inspections and notes for each building on site

  • Uses the iPad camera for project photos

  • Eliminates double entry, photo uploading, spreadsheets and emails

  • Keeps builder contact info, key box codes and project PDFs in sync with the lender



Project management software for real estate developers

  • Simple to use on any browser or mobile device

  • Receive and manage land leads from agents and land sellers

  • Coordinate feasibility studies with your architect

  • Share project documents with contractors

  • Create chat threads and get notified when you have new messages 

  • Submit draw requests to lenders who use Datapage Connect

  • More features to come!


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